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A native of Norfolk, Jack Frieden graduated in 1968 from Granby High School. Following his subsequent graduation from The University of Georgia in 1972, he spent four years in the Washington DC area, before returning to the Hampton Roads area to help manage his family’s insurance agency.

An avid music fan since his teens, it was the years in Georgia and Washington that saw his musical interests expand from folk and rock music to include jazz and world music.

Attracted to the vocal harmonies of Brian Wilson, Graham Nash, and so many other harmony type pop singers, it was only natural that Jack’s interest in jazz would veer towards jazz vocal music.

Although the 1970s were in many ways jazz vocal music’s darkest days, a 1974 Stereo Review feature called “The Art of Cabaret” and Alec Wilder’s and Loonis McGlohon’s much praised NPR series “American Popular Song” program helped turn this interest in jazz vocal music into the passion it continues to be more than 30 years later.

In addition to his radio activities, Jack has written numerous articles about music, contributing to “Metro Magazine” and for many years serving as a rock, pop, and jazz writer for The Virginian-Pilot newspaper. He has also contributed liner notes to albums by Maxine Sullivan and Sir Roland Hanna.

Married with two adult daughters, Jack resides in Virginia Beach and continues to explore and enjoy music at every opportunity.

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